We manufacture, customize products as per IS

Bitumen Based

Aroprimer (Bitumen based Primer)

Arocompound (Bitumen based Mastic Compound)

Bituminol (Bitumen based Mastic Mortar)

Silicate Cement

Aroplex (Sodium Silicate based Cement)

Aroplex K (Potassium Silicate based Cement)

Phenolic Based Resin Cement with Silica Filler

Arclor P (Phenolic based Resin Cement with Silica filler)

Polyester Resin Based Cement

Arolister (Polyester Resin based Cement)

Furane Resin Based Cement

Arfurane R (Furane Resin based Cement with Silica filler)

Arfurane C (Furane Resin based Cement with Carbon filler)

Arfurane-HF (Specially formulated Furane Resin based Cement for Hydroflouric/Phosphoric Acid)

Sulphur Based Cement

Rimsto (Sulphur based Cement with Silica filler)

Carbon Rimsto (Sulphur based Cement with Carbon fille for Tile Liningr)

Artite (plasticised chemical resisting compound for acid resistant stoneware pipe joints and is also used in electrical insulators)

Cashew Nut-Shell Liquid Resin Cement

Arcashew (Cashew Nut shell liquid Resin Cement)

Floor Hardener for Industrial Floors

Arconete (floor hardeners for industrial floors)

Specially Formulated Phenolic Resin Cement Based on International Standards

Arzamite 1-4 (Specially formulated Phenolic Resin Cement based on International Standards)

Specialized Product

Ferrum Cement (to attend the defects in ferrum castings)

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