Acid Resistant / Carbon Bricks


Carbon brick is made from high quality carbon containing materials and acid proof organic compound, which is shaped under high pressure and bonded by high quality bonding material, giving high mechanical strength.

Chemical Carbon bricks are used in chemical- resistant construction in exposures which cannot readily be handled by other kinds of brick.

Carbon filled materials are every- where indicated under conditions involving HF and strong alkalis. Brick made of carbon is, at this time, the only construction units which can with-stand these chemicals. The relatively high porosity of carbon brick and other units explains to a large degree their ability to withstand thermal shock and to dissipate compressive stresses better than any other types of masonry units.

Carbon brick are inherently non wetting and highly resistant to many acids, alkali, salts, and solvents and combinations of these chemicals at varying temperatures and concentrations.

Carbon Bricks


Do not place carbon brick directly against a lead lining or against stainless steel .Direct contact between carbon and many metals will set up a galvanic cell with the metal cathodic to the carbon, and cause the wasting of the metal. For the same reason, avoid contact between such metals and the carbon-filled mortars used to join the carbon units. A voltage breaker should be inserted between them.


Acid, alkali and solvents are the greatest enemies of any standard flooring material. To overcome this menace ARCOY has developed Acid & Alkali Resistant Tiles/Bricks called ARCOTILSE. These specialised Tiles/Bricks can withstand the most corrosive chemicals prevailing in most of industries.

ARCOTILSE best suited for floors and equipment/ tanks of chemical, Petro chemical, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp, Paper, Rayon, Integrated steel, Copper plants, Thermal power plants etc.

ARCOTILSE are the final solution for saving time, which is being wasted on repairing & maintenance. Use of ARCOTILSE will also help reduce frequent shut downs of plant, which automatically increase the production of the final finished products.

Any dimensions and shapes can be made available depending upon requirements and as per drawing of clients & consultants.

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